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    For agents

    Dear friends!

    Private enterprise "PARITET" strives for bringing many new, light and positive things into lives of Ukrainian citizens. As a result, we have worked out list of perspective projects and realize them. At present we work with projects of employment into foreign countries and services of Internet meetings.
    You can be financially independent and realize all your wishes only if you have good job. If you are not rich, but have energy and desire, it's quite enough to reach the aim. In case you already have financial comfort, we are sure, you can not lose this chance, because it is so easy to feel good business. We offer business for everybody.

    Would you like to be successful? - Come with us!

    Only people, who are interested in growing their incomes, are able to appreciate our conception. According to the statistic 10% of people are financially independent and 90% - people, who are interested in growing their incomes. These 90% devoid into next groups:
    1. Standard group of people working in system "work-salary". They don't know about other ways of incomes.
    2. People who want big money, but they do only simple doings (lottery, casual earnings).
    3. Ambitious people who search for different ways of earnings.

    We invite to cooperate people with strong will, hard-workers. We are ready for cooperation both with ordinary people and with enterprises.

    It's necessary only to get right decision in right time and you will be lucky!


    Our enterprise works more that 8 years. During this time we have made real services for thouthands of clients. If you will visit the main office "Paritet" in Donetsk city, you can see activity of enterprise, meet considerate and reliable personal, to make yourself sure that we offer only serious services and that we are very responsible.
    The main direction of activity of enterprise "Paritet" is employment citizens of Ukraine in the territory of Republic Cyprus - marvelous island in Mediterranean sea and in Japan -country of risen Sun. New direction - services of Internet meeting, which allow to find friends and soulmates in different countries of the world, to have happiness in family life.

    What is Agent of "Paritet"?

    It is not a seller. His task - searching for people, who want to place in job or to find their soul-mates in foreign countries, and giving them necessary information and support. After that, clients work directly with "Paritet", which searches for real employers, controls for legalization of documents, gives juridical consultations, in case of employment - makes working visa, gets into place of job, controls conditions of work and salary, and so on. That way, clients will be sure, that our company is serious with guarantee of quality and legal services.

    Why do you need this?

    Everybody has his own dreams. To have good education, to buy a car, to spend vocation in pleasant place or to visit some exotic country, to bring up children - dreams could be like these. For making them true it is necessary to have some money.

    Advantages of cooperation with us

    • You needn't any deposits.
    • You may work at any convenient time according to your wish.
    • You have a huge support from us.
    • You may work at any place you like.

    How to become an independent Agent of "Paritet"

    If you would like to become an independent Agent of "Paritet", you need:
    1. At any convenient time (from 9:00 till 17:00, except Saturday and Sunday) you have to come to our main office, situated by address: Tytova pr., 15, hotel "Shakhtyor", appartment 114, 116.
    2. To have short study course for free.
    3. To sign up a cooperation contract. It is necessary to have a passport and certificate with identification code.

    How to find clients?

    Every Agent has his own methods of work. However you may use our recommendations:
    1. Make a list of all your relatives and friends, who would like to place in job or to find soul mate in foreign country. Do not stop until the number of people in your list is less that 25 person. Remember, anybody you meet in daily life can be your real client!
    2. Get as mush information as it possible about employment in Japan and Cyprus and about services of Internet meetings.
    3. The most important thing - is your consideration towards your clients. Communicate with them, help them to fill papers, answer their questions.
    4. Be sure in information you are giving, don't fool your clients. Correct and true information - good reputation for you!
    5. Your clients is the best source for finding new clients for you. Everybody, who is satisfied by your services, surely will tell about it to their friends and relatives.

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